HUMAN RIGHTS ECRI: politicians' hate speech goes unpunished

European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) released the fifth monitoring report on Turkey. In the report, official authorities' hate speech is criticized and it is pointed out that the hate speech is not effectively punished.
HUMAN RIGHTS Trials of journalists to start tomorrow

The trials of journalists, who participated in the “visiting editor-in-chief” campaign that was started as an act of solidarity with the closed-down Özgür Gündem newspaper, will start tomorrow. Ayşe Düzkan and Ragıp Duran will be the first ones to be heard.
HUMAN RIGHTS Being a Syrian child in Turkey

Development of Social and Cultural Life Association (SKYGD) conducted a field study in order to examine the life conditions, expectations and problems of Syrian children living in Turkey. 100 children living in various districts of Istanbul had been interviewed and a report titled as “Being a refugee children in Turkey” is issued. The report shows that the most fundamental demand of the children is to go on their education, which they are deprived of because of financial problems.
HUMAN RIGHTS TİHV and İHD: Turkey can never bring back the death penalty

Human Rights Association (İHD) and Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TİHV) reacted against the demand of death penalty that was expressed during the demonstrations after the coup attempt in Turkey: “It should be considered that the attempt to bring capital punishment back would have grave legal and political consequences both in national and international scale.”