NEWS Armenians of Diyarbakir longing for Surp Giragos

The discrimination that Stephan Yepremyan has been subjected for trying to maintain his culture and the torments that Hangül Özbey went through because of her Kurdish and Armenian identity reveal the suffering caused by being an Armenian of Diyarbakir.
TURKEY Co-Mayors of Diyarbakir arrested

Co-Mayors of Diyarbakir Gültan Kışanak and Fırat Anlı have been arrested by the court on duty. Former BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) MP Aylin Akat Ata, who protested the detention of co-mayors, is also arrested.
NEWS Diyarbakir Governor bans the protests

HDP (Peoples' Democratic Party) and DBP (Democratic Regions Party) urged people to stage protests in Istanbul and Diyarbakir at 11.00 am against the detention of co-mayors of Diyarbakir. The governor's offices banned the protests.
NEWS The indefinite hunger strike continues

The hunger strike of 50 politicians, that HDP, DBP, DTK, KJA and HDK planned for initiating “meetings with Öcalan in a legal way" started yesterday in Diyarbakir.
NEWS The “Sur Plan” is like a call for leaving

“Sur Action Plan”, which was announced by Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Mehmet Özhaseki, has been criticized by NGOs and occupational organizations which are excluded from the process of project design. Referring to the plan, Chamber of Architects Diyarbakir Branch Chair Şerefhan Aydın says, “This is the first step of gaining unearned income and making benefits available.”
NEWS “7-thousand-years-old Suriçi is a plain land now”

With the lifting of the curfew in some places of Sur, which lasted for 6 months, the extent of the devastation is revealed. In fact, according to the people who saw the region, the real devastation happened in the places that are still under curfew.