WORLD UN meeting after the reports of war crime in Idlib

It was claimed that a “chemical attack” was carried out in Khan Sheikhun town on the south of Idlib, which left at least 58 people dead, including 11 children. After the reports concerning the use of chemical weapons, UN Security Council decided to hold an emergency meeting today.
NEWS “We believe that Trump will support Christian autonomous region in Iraq”

Chair of American Mesopotamia Organisation David William Lazar actively worked in Donald Trump's presidential campaign and was on the advisory committee for the American MidEast Coalition for Trump. Lazar answered our questions concerning the situation of Christian minorities in Iraq and Syria and US policies for Middle East and migration that changed with Trump administration.
NEWS Agreement in Jarablus: buffer zone for Turkey, canton for Kurds

Jarablus operation, which was launched against ISIS but also targeted Kurdish military forces, continues. However, some sources claim that the US, Iran and Russia came to an agreement in Jarablus, or northern Syria, and Turkey and PYD accepted the conditions of this agreement. According to this alleged agreement, Turkey will stay in Jarablus and Kurds will be able to connect Kobani and Afrin cantons through Al-Bab.
NEWS Being Armenian in Fresno

Fresno city of California has a historical significance for Armenian people. The city was the first stop of the mass migration to the US after the genocide. However, it hosted Armenians before 1915. Though there are 50.000 Armenians in Fresno today, there had been more Armenians living in the city in the past. In 1976, Armenian Studies Program was launched in Fresno State University. We spoke to Barlow Der Mugrdechian, who has been working as the director of this program for 8 years, about Fresno and its importance for Armenian people.