NEWS “Çarşema Sor” message from Yazidi MPs

HDP MPs Feleknas Uca and Ali Atalan released a written statement for “Çarşema Sor” (Red Wednesday) festival, which Yazidi people celebrate on the first Wednesday after April 13.

According to the violation of rights report released by Diyarbakir Bar Association, Yazidis who ran away from Sinjar and took shelter in Turkey cannot benefit from free health care service, though they have refugee status.
NEWS Nurcan Baysal: being a Yazidi means to be destined for massacre

Working for NGOs for years, Nurcan Baysal wrote a book for giving voice to women and not letting that horrible massacre to be forgotten. “73rd Decree” (“Ezidiler: 73. Ferman Katliam ve Kurtuluş") is heavy, but it is nothing compared to what women, men and children had been experiencing.

Working on the Christians in Turkey and Middle East, journalist and historian Sebastien de Courtois was in İstanbul to attend “Minorities in Middle East: A Tough Future” conference that was held in French Cultural Center on October 9. We talked to Courtois about the Shingal exile, refugees’ condition in France and the ancient minorities of Middle East.