“Çarşema Sor” message from Yazidi MPs

HDP MPs Feleknas Uca and Ali Atalan released a written statement for “Çarşema Sor” (Red Wednesday) festival, which Yazidi people celebrate on the first Wednesday after April 13.

Diyarbakir MP Feleknas Uca and Mardin MP Ali Atalan released a joint statement on the occasion of “Çarşema Sor” festival of Yazidi people: 

“Throughout the history, different peoples and beliefs have celebrated many sacred festivals. Çarşema Sor of Yazidi community is one of them. This festival, which is celebrated on the first Wednesday after April 13 in Mesopotamia, is the day when the earth is fermented and the peace and fellowship replace hatred and animosity. In Çarşema Sor, green, red and yellow colored strings (basımbar) are braided. According to the belief, these colors represent peace and life. It is believed that basımbar brings health, peace and blessing. In Çarşema Sor, basımbar is wrapped around children's wrist to protect them from illness. Shedding blood in Çarşema Sor is a sin; no lives are taken that day. Eggs dyed in different colors must be found in this festival.”

Yazidis hail Çarşame Sor with sorrow in Sinjar”

In the statement, it is noted that Yazidi people cannot celebrate this holiday as they should because of painful days and experiences and added: “Happy Çarşema Sor to all Yazidi people, especially to the ones who haven't left Sinjar despite the genocide and pressure.”

“Yazidi people who haven't left Sinjar despite the genocide and are struggling for building a free and autonomous society hail Çarşame Sor with sorrow in Sinjar. We hope that Çarşema Sor would lead to liberation of Yazidis who are captivated by ISIS, rebuilding of Sinjar and help Yazidis to return to their home. We wish Yazidi people, one of the most ancient peoples of Middle East, see the days in which they will live their belief freely and won't be subjected to any isolation, and we celebrate Çarşema Sor, hoping that next holidays will be celebrated in Ezdixan with the spirit of Sinjar's struggle of resilience and freedom.”


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