NEWS Armenians of Turkey having started a new life in Armenia

Issue of migration preoccupies many people in Turkey as the political atmosphere gets increasingly tenser. In a time like this, we wanted to get together with Armenians of Turkey who migrated to Armenia, the closest and most distant neighbor, during the hard periods of recent history and report their first-hand accounts. These people, who told about their lives with a great sincerity, revealed human's power and hope of starting over.
NEWS “It is exactly on April 24 of last year that I fled Burundi”

101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was commemorated with Aurora Prize, which is one of the most innovative events of the year and named after Aurora Mardiganian, a genocide survivor who witnessed the killing of her relatives. The winner of the prize that was granted for the first time is Marguerite Barankitse (Maggy), who saved hundreds of orphans' lives during the civil war in Burundi.
NEWS Police attacks and disperses Yerevan barricades

On 6 July at noon, the police forced protestors, who for the last two weeks had taken to the streets to voice their opposition to the electricity price rise, out of Baghramyan Avenue in Yerevan.
NEWS Yerevan protests dwindle

Protests against an electricity price rise appear to have lost momentum: The government’s suspension of the price rise for “re-examination” as well as differences in opinion and indecision among protestors have played their part.