Yerevan getting ready for the film festival

13th Golden Apricot International Film Festival will host film lovers on June 10-17 in Yerevan.

This year, the festival offers a rich selection. 135 movies, selected out of more than 900 movies from 91 countries, will be presented to the audience. There is a special program for the 25th anniversary of Armenia's independence. In this program, titled as “Armenian Cinema: Modern Times”, fictional and documentary movies that are shot within the last 25 years, including Vardan Hovhannisyan's "A Story of People in War and Peace", will be screened. Moreover, with the participation of movie critics and professionals, the stories about unknown aspects of the sector will be told and the development of independent movies will be discussed. 

On the occasion of 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, movies on Shakespeare's works will also be screened. Recent examples from French and Basque cinema will be presented and there are programs dedicated to the masters of Armenian cinema, such as Dmitri Kesayants, Edmond Keosayan, Ruben Gevorgyants and Roman Balayan.

10 directors and future producers, who are selected to the Armenia-Turkey Cinema Platform (ATCP), will gather together in workshops that will be organized as part of the festival.

Sponsored by Armenian Ministry of Culture, Golden Apricot International Film Festival has a commitment to turn Yerevan into a culture and cinema center.  


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