NEWS The case on

The trial of two groups that brought black wreaths to Agos on April 24, 2015 was started. The case was opened upon the complaint of Agos. The suspects stood trial on the ground that they threatened the newspaper.
MINORITIES Prison sentence because of call for

Garo Paylan had filed a lawsuit against Tolga Adıgüzel, who is the chair of Kars branch of a Turkish nationalist organization, because of his racist statements about pianist Tigran Hamasyan who performed at Ani last year. Adıgüzel is sentenced to 7 months and 15 days of imprisonment and imposed a 11.240 TL fine. The judgment is suspended.
NEWS Suspicion of attempted assassination against Demirtaş

A mark in the armed car that is assigned to HDP’s co-chair Demirtaş brought about questions concerning an attempted assassination. The police said that it might be a bullet mark, whereas the governorship stated that it is not caused by a firearm.