NEWS “7-thousand-years-old Suriçi is a plain land now”

With the lifting of the curfew in some places of Sur, which lasted for 6 months, the extent of the devastation is revealed. In fact, according to the people who saw the region, the real devastation happened in the places that are still under curfew.
NEWS Surp Giragos received its award in Istanbul

Europa Nostra Award ceremony was held in Istanbul because of the ongoing curfew in Diyarbakir. Speaking at the ceremony, Diyarbakir Surp Giragos Armenian Church Foundation Chair Ergun Ayık said, “We wish we held this ceremony in our church. We miss the good old days.”
TURKEY Treasure is above the ground

Hrant Dink Foundation's studies on cultural heritage continues. After the inventory of the structures of Armenians, Greeks, Syriacs and Jews in Turkey is taken, the foundation focused on the cultural heritage of Kayseri. In late 19th century, one third of Kayseri's population consisted of Christians. Though it is a rich country in terms of cultural heritage, there are few studies on the city.
SPECIAL REPORTS Cultural inventory of a civilization destroyed revealed

Cultural Heritage Map of Turkey is created at the end of a months-long study and research. Thanks to the project of Hrant Dink Foundation, an interactive online map is created. Through this map, it is possible to list and examine the sanctuaries, schools, hospitals and cemeteries of Armenians, Greeks, Syriacs and Jews in Turkey.