CHURCHES What happened at Bekçiyan-Ateşyan meeting?

Yesterday, a meeting was held in the patriarchate with the participation of Değabah Bekçiyan, Archbishop Ateşyan and some lay representatives. Bekçiyan made a statement after the meeting, which Ateşyan didn't want to attend in the first place.
SOCIETY Bekçiyan calls for the support of people

Değabah Karekin Bekçiyan released a written statement. He urged the clerics who voted for him to stand up for their votes and asked for the support of the representatives of the Armenian society.
SOCIETY What happened in the patriarchate yesterday?

Istanbul Governor’s Office interfered in the patriarchal election. During the election of değabah, a notice signed by the deputy governor was sent to the patriarchate, claiming that starting the election process is “legally” impossible. Ateşyan and Maşalyan will try to meet with the governor and explain the process.
SOCIETY “His Eminence Aram’s resignation would solve everything”

Emphasizing that the notice from the governor’s office rendered the patriarchate dysfunctional, His Eminence Sahak Maşalyan stated that a meeting should be held in governor’s office immediately, His Eminence Aram should resign and His Eminence değabah Karekin Bekçiyan should take up the position.
Agos editorial: an interference with “curious timing”

We went back to square one. We have the elected değabah His Eminence Bekçiyan and General Vicar of the Patriarch Ateşyan who is supposed to step down after the değabah is elected. And also we have important questions…