Governor’s Office interferes in the patriarchal election

Istanbul Governor’s Office interfered in the process of patriarchal election. In a notice sent to the patriarchate by deputy governor, it is stated that it is “legally” impossible to start the process.

The notice was handed out by Archbishop Ateşyan who lost the election of değabah (trustee). 

Clerical Assembly of the Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul came together today for electing the değabah who will handle the election process.

After the meeting that started at 3 pm, a voting was held and Armenian Primate of Germany Archbishop Karekin Bekçiyan was elected as the değabah.

After the election, Ateşyan revealed the notice from the governor’s office to the press.

Here is the notice signed by Deputy Governor Aziz Mercan:

“Given the reports in the media, it is understood that the procedure of patriarchal election is intended to be started virtually by electing a değabah on March 15.

Considering the unfavorable developments that took place during the meeting on February 16 at the patriarchate, it is determined that starting the election process is legally impossible given the facts that this process might cause disturbance and divisions in the society, that there is already an incumbent vicar and that your society knows the basic proceedings and practices concerning the patriarchal election.”

After this notice was handed out, Cleric Assembly went to another meeting.


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