NEWS “'Alevis to the grave, Christians to Beirut' is still a common slogan”

Working in various international human rights associations, Harout Ekmanian made a presentation in "Critical Approaches to Armenian Identity in 21st Century". Being an Armenian from Aleppo, Ekmanian follows the war in Syria as an observer in order to record the violations of rights and war crimes. We talked to Ekmanian about Syria, focusing on the Armenian community in Aleppo, which he knows very well.
NEWS Armenians in Aleppo in trouble

We spoke to author and scriptwriter Manuel Keşişian about the situation of Armenian community in Aleppo, which has been affected by the attacks of the last week.
NEWS Humanitarian aid from Armenia to Aleppo

The attacks against the Armenian neighborhoods in Aleppo have recently increased and Armenia decided to send humanitarian aid to Syria. The first plane carrying the aid arrived at Latakia.
GENERAL Bombs hit Armenian neighborhoods in Aleppo

On September 30, Armenian neighborhoods Nor Gyuğ (new village) and Villa had been hit by rockets, killing 11 Armenians and wounding 11. People also are wounded in the attacks on October 3.
Nigol Bezjian: My school in Aleppo

Famous Lebanese director and producer Nigol Bezjian looks at the Syrian War. Having learned that his school in Aleppo was bombarded, Bezjian wrote about war, destruction and the migration that happened again after 100 years.
NEWS The Armenians who stay and resist in Aleppo

There are Aleppo Armenians who stay there; they are resisting and struggling for their lives… Maybe they have to stay there, though they would prefer to leave; maybe they don’t have anywhere else to go or they don’t want to be refugees no matter what…
NEWS A survival story from Aleppo to İzmir

21 years old law student Claudia Brounsouzian first went to Mersin with her mother. Then, she went to Cyprus and tried to go to Europe from there. However, she couldn’t have managed to go to Southern Cyprus and because of that, she returned to Turkey; but this time, she went to İzmir. We talked to Brounsouzian about her story of migration from Aleppo to Turkey.