Bombs hit Armenian neighborhoods in Aleppo

On September 30, Armenian neighborhoods Nor Gyuğ (new village) and Villa had been hit by rockets, killing 11 Armenians and wounding 11. People also are wounded in the attacks on October 3.

According to Lebanon-based Kantsasar newspaper, after the bombardment, the students of Azkayin Badsbaran were moved to safer places. Then the bombs hit a house near Surp Asdvadzadzin Church in Villa neighborhood, causing casualties. 

In the attacks, 5 Armenians were killed, 11 are wounded. Here are the identities of the deceased: rman Hindoyan, Mirey Hindoyan, Tsila Capağcuryan, Hasmig Giragosyan-Bereciklyan and Bier Hariro.

Garnik Karapetyan, Tsovik Kapikyan, Beti Lakhoyan-Hindoyan, Movses Hindoyan, Nazar Zarmanyan, Mari Karapetyan, Ara Aramyan, Arshak Bereciklyan, Harut Avagyan, Yakup and George Hariro are wounded.

Ara Aramyan and Harut Avagyan are seriously wounded.

The funeral ceremonies of the attack victims were held in Surp Asdvadzadzin Church on October 1.

Attacks continue

Kantsasar reported that the bombardment continues today. On the evening of October 3, some armed groups continued to attack to Nor Gyuğ, Sulaymanieh and Telfon Hauaa neighborhoods in Aleppo. In the bombardment to Nor Gyuğ, 19-years-old Aram Fermanyan and his mother Naual Abdon are wounded.

Armenian Ministry of Interior, in a written statement, condemned the use of arms toward the civilians in Aleppo. According to Armenpress, humanitarian aids will be sent to Syria upon the order of the Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.

Meanwhile, UN announced that civilians are barely surviving in Aleppo since the food stock is running low in the regions under siege.

According to BBC Turkish, Stephen O'Brien, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, stated that many people in Aleppo don't have even a single meal a day. Stating that the immediate food aid is ready to be sent, O'Brien said that there should be a ceasefire in order to send the aid. He also added that diplomatic efforts should be intensified in order to resolve the civil war in Syria.

East of Aleppo, controlled by the opposing groups, is under the siege of Syrian Army. The agencies report that Russia has been carrying out airstrikes in the region. 


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