Church attack in Egypt: the majority of the killed were women and children

In Egyptian capital Cairo, a bombing attack was carried out near St Mark’s Cathedral during the Sunday mass. Death toll has risen to 26

26 people were killed and 49 wounded in the bombing attack in Cairo during the Sunday mass. 10 of the wounded are in critical condition. It is reported that the majority of those who were killed were women and children. 

Witnesses stated that no security measures were taken during the mass. On Sunday evening, many Christian and Muslim Egyptians participated in the protest in front of the destroyed part of the cathedral. Protesters shouted slogans against President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and demanded the resignation of the minister of interior.

The government declared 3-day mourning after the attack.

No one has claimed the responsibility of the attack yet. However, according to Al Jazeera, ISIS supporters have been praising the attack in social media.

The attacks against Christian Egyptians started to increase after the coup on July 2013. Constituting 10% of the 90 million population, Copts have staged many protests because of the discrimination and targeting they have been subjected.

The attack on Sunday is considered the deadliest attack against churches in Egypt. In 2011, a church in Alexandria was attack during Christmas mass and 23 people were killed. 


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