Police fire kills 14-year old in Cizre

14 year old Ümit Kurt killed by fire opened from armoured police vehicle entering the Cudi neighbourhood of Cizre District, Şırnak

Fıratnews reported that after the ditches between neighbourhoods in Cizre were filled back up yesterday, police entered the Cudi neighbourhood today with armed vehicles. Here, the police randomly opened fire, and 14-year old Ümit Kurt, who was busy doing paintwork close to his home, was shot through his heart.

Residents of the neighbourhood took Kurt to Cizre State Hospital; however, he could not be saved despite all efforts.

Following the announcement of Kurt’s death, the people of Cizre gathered in front of the State Hospital.

As a precaution against night raids and detentions carried out by the police with armoured vehicles in the Nur and Cudi neighbourhoods of Cizre, ditches had been dug, and barricades had been erected in front of the armed vehicles.

Following the filling-up of the ditches, police forces in armoured vehicles entered neighbourhoods they previously could not enter. According to the accounts of neighbourhood residents, police forces that entered the Cudi Neighbourhood and randomly opened fire from armoured vehicles also injured many other people.


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