Hrant Dink commemorated at his graveside

Agos founder and chief editor Hrant Dink was commemorated at his graveside on the 8th anniversary of his assassination with a ceremony attended by his family and friends.

The commemoration held at 14:30 at the Zeytinburnu Balıklı Armenian Cemetery was attended by his wife Rakel, his son Arat, his brothers and his friends.

Flowers were laid at Hrant Dink’s grave by the attendees, and a religious ceremony was held. Prayers were said for Hrant Dink after the ceremony, and as has become custom, cemetery guard Malik Yalçın read a poem in memory of Hrant Dink.

CHP Member of Parliament Sezgin Tanrıkulu also took part in the commemoration. Reminding that the Dink murder happened during the reign of the AKP, Tanrıkulu added that the judicial process also took place during the same party’s term in power. Tanrıkulu stated that public officials who had acted in negligence and were responsible of the murder had been promoted, adding “This is a matter the government is responsible of, but today they seek to lay the blame on others”. Tanrıkulu said that, other than a few gunmen, the organization behind the murder had not been unearthed.

A ceremony will be held in front of Agos newspaper tomorrow (January 19) for Hrant Dink, who was murdered in front of his own newspaper on 19 January 2007. 




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