19 JANUARY 2007

NEWS Murathan Mungan: They wanted to kill the language of peace

On the 8th anniversary of Hrant Dink’s assassination, poet and playwright Murathan Mungan spoke to the crowd gathered fort he commemoration ceremony: “One of Hrant Dink’s dreams was the opening of borders between Armenia and Turkey to allow for the two peoples to commingle. Friends, we should own up not only to the memory of our lost loved ones, but also to their dreams. And if that border were to be opened today, it would mean opening the door to so many other things. (…) The opening of that border would so much become the year 2015.”
NEWS Hrant Dink commemorated at his graveside

Agos founder and chief editor Hrant Dink was commemorated at his graveside on the 8th anniversary of his assassination with a ceremony attended by his family and friends.
NEWS HDP rally for Hrant Dink

The HDP Şişli District Organization commemorated Hrant Dink with a rally on the 8th anniversary of his assassination. HDP also released a press statement underlining Cizre Police Chief Ercan Demir’s connection with the Dink murder. Several recent murders and disappearances in Cizre have been linked to the police.
NEWS Two police officers arrested in Dink case

Former Chief of Police Özkan Mumcu and police officer Muhittin Zenit, for which arrest warrants had been issued within the scope of the Dink murder investigation, have been arrested