Brazil recognizes Armenian Genocide, Turkey Foreign Ministry summons Brazilian Ambassador

The Foreign Ministry of Turkey published a letter of condemnation after the Federal Senate of Brazil passed a resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Turkey has also recalled its Ambassador to Brazil for talks.

The letter of condemnation from the Foreign Ministry read, “We condemn the resolution of the Brazilian Senate on the events of 1915, which distorts the truth and ignores the law, and consider it an example of irresponsibility” [sic].

The letter continued as follows:

“Political decisions of this nature, taken under the influence of the Armenian lobbies can neither change the historical facts nor the legal norms. 

In this context, our views have been conveyed to the Ambassador of Brazil in Ankara who was summoned to the Ministry on 3 June 2015. 

Turkish Ambassador in Brasilia, Mr. Hüseyin Diriöz has also been recalled to Ankara for consultations.”

Senators Aloizio Nunes, Fereira Filio and Jose Serra presented the resolution to the Senate on May 26, which expresses its “solidarity with the Armenian people during the course of the centenary of the campaign of extermination of its population” adding that, “the Senate recognizes the Armenian Genocide, whose centenary was celebrated on April 24, 2015.” The resolution also highlighted the presence of the Armenian Diaspora in Brazil, stating, “To honor the victims and recognize the contribution to economic, social and cultural formation of Brazil of the thousands of Brazilians descendants of Armenian refugees, we emphasize that no genocide must not be forgotten so that it does not happen again.” 


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