Selina Doğan: Fight against hate speech is my priority

CHP Istanbul Member of Parliament Selina Doğan, assessed her party’s performance at the general election for AGOS, and listed her priority tasks in Parliament.

Elected CHP Member of Parliament from the 2nd Constitutency in Istanbul on 7 June, Selina Özuzun Doğan assessed the general election and what will come next to Agos. With the exception of Hermine Kalustyan, appointed to the Constituent Assembly [Kurucu Meclis] by the Revolution Committee following the 1960 military coup d’etat, and served for 6 months, Doğan becomes the first woman Armenian Member of Parliament in the history of the Republic. We asked Selina Doğan to assess the election results and coalition possibilities, and she told us that the new political landscape that has emerged has been met with satisfaction by the party.

Doğan commented that they have voiced on every platform that AKP has suffered corrosion and that the AKP’s term in power has come to an end, and added, “Therefore, the people provided the best response at the ballot box. At the moment, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) is the most important actor. Besides, the increase in number of women in parliament (although not adequate yet) and a more pluralist composition in parliament are the most important gains. Regarding the share of votes, it is no secret that everyone is speaking about the votes that have been temporarily cast for the HDP. People acted strategically so that the HDP could pass the election threshold. The satisfaction derives from the fact that despite this, the CHP has now become the most important actor”.

The CHP MP also commented on the future: “Everyone is proposing various scenarios regarding the new government, and meetings have begun, although nothing is certain as of yet. We will not compromise on our fundamental principles. There are two main scenarios, a coalition with the AKP, or remaining as the main opposition. In the event that our Chairperson Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu becomes Prime Minister, the priority would be a new constitution. Otherwise, we will try to provide powerful opposition. On my own behalf, I want to work on the issues of hate speech, and the struggle against discrimination. I would also like to sit on a number of commissions like the existing justice and human rights commissions.” 


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