Targeted pianist Hamasyan: Hate is not the reason we came to Kars

Pianist Tigran Hamasyan, who visited Turkey within the scope of his “Luys i Luso” tour, and later became the target of a discourse of hate from the Kars Ülkü Ocakları President, has published a statement.

Hamasyan, in a message published on his facebook page, said that all they had done was sing Armenian hymns, adding, “It is very saddening to receive threats in Kars, the homeland of my ancestors”. The statement continues as follows: 

“I say no to all forms of extremism! Hate isn’t the reason why we came to Kars to perform sacred music hymns and prayers… It is to remind people that hate is not the way to be free and at peace with yourself and also to remind people who “use” belief for political reasons are often creating hate between people.”

Hamasyan shared this facebook message along with a link to a Hürriyet news report about HDP Member of Parliament Garo Paylan urging prosecutors to act against the hate speech of Kars Ülkü Ocakları [literally, the ‘Idealist Hearths’, the unofficial youth-arm of the ultra-nationalist National Movement Party] President Tolga Adıgüzel.

What had happened?

Kars Ülkü Ocakları President Tolga Adıgüzel, in a press statement made following Tigran Hamasyan’s concert at Ani, had said:

“Everyone has to know their place, and from now on, watch their step. Are treacherous minds from within and beyond our borders trying to force our patience? Or should we respond by going out onto the streets of Kars to hunt Armenians? Would we be allowed to perform a concert in a place they consider holy, would we be allowed to march the Mehteran [the Ottoman military band]? We may not have done all that yet, but that does not mean we won’t, we have taken note of all that has happened here.” 



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