Garo Paylan: This is a major provocation

HDP MP Garo Paylan told about the racist attack against HDP headquarters in Ankara: “Burning the headquarters of a political party amounts to burning the ideals of that party.”

While HDP’s buildings continue to be attacked in various places in Turkey, its headquarters in Ankara was also attacked by racists. 

HDP reported that their headquarters are also under attack via Twitter.

Here is the statement that was made at 21.50 via Twitter account of HDP’s headquarters: “Our headquarters are under attack and police force doesn’t perform its duty.”

HDP Istanbul MP Garo Paylan spoke to Agos about what happened in HDP headquarters in Ankara.

Here is what Paylan told:

“In the evening, the police took some precautions at the entrance. Around 19.30, a racist group began to gather in front of the entrance. The police connived at the attack, and they began to smash things up. And finally, they tried to burn the building. This is a major provocation. They burned our ideal to live together. This might be the beginning of a major break. These attacks were performed in order to pave the way for other uprisings; they will trigger other uprisings. Burning the headquarters of a political party amounts to burning the ideals of that party. They wanted to burn our ideal to live together and this will lead to various consequences. These provocations indicate that the coup dynamics are operating now. Party members tell us that, in many events, the police and MİT agents perform these attacks acting like they are MHP supporters.”


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