HDP: we share 102-year suffering and mourning

HDP Central Executive Committee released a written statement on the occasion of 102nd anniversary of Armenian Genocide.

“We share 102-year suffering and mourning

It has been 102 years since the Great Disaster (Medz Yeghern), which was a planned genocide of ethnic identity and belief. 102 years ago, on April 24, 1915, the process was started with the detention of more than two hundred Armenian intellectuals from their homes by the so-called Special Organization of the Committee of Union and Progress. Exile of hundreds of thousands of Armenians and systematic massacre of majority of them followed it.

The state, aiming to eliminate differences and creating a single race with a single religion and language, attacked other peoples in the region after Armenians in order to create a homogenous society. Denialist state mentality, which aimed to make people forget that different peoples and religious groups are living on this land, prevailed in the society.

With the collapse of this mentality after decades, it is once again revealed that no culture or religion is superior to the others in this land, where different peoples and religious groups live. However, unfortunately, we were late to recognize the great crime that made our land barren.

As we know from other examples in the world, condemning crimes against humanity, confronting the truth, apologizing from wronged peoples and religious groups, resorting to healing power of justice are essential steps for understanding one another, dressing the wounds sincerely and developing conscience and sense of justice. Sharing the sufferings is a part of building a democratic, peaceful and equal future together.

As the grandchildren of ancient peoples of Anatolia, we share 102-year suffering, feel the shame and tragedy deep down in our hearts and commemorate the victims once again with sorrow and respect.”



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