MPs from minority groups in Turkey

According to the unofficial results, Armenian, Syriac, Mhalmite, Yazidi and Roman MPs who were elected to the parliament on June 7 remain in the parliament.

3 Armenian candidates in the parliament

HDP İstanbul MP Garo Paylan is elected to the parliament on June 7 and he will remain in the parliament in the 26th term.

CHP İstanbul MP Selina Doğan will also be in the parliament in this term.

AKP İstanbul MP Markar Esayan is also elected to the parliament. It was though that he might not be elected, since he was the 14th candidate. However, with the increase in the AKP votes, he is in the parliament once again.

Purçu maintains his seat

The first Romani MP in the history of Turkish republic, CHP İzmir MP Özcan Purçu maintained his seat in the parliament. He is the Turkey representative of The European Roma and Travellers Forum of the Council of Europe, board member of Roma People Forum of Turkey and one of the few Roma people who can speak Romani.

Mhalmite MP

The founder of the first Mhalmite foundation of Turkey, HDP’s Batman candidate Mehmet Ali Aslan is elected to the parliament. There are around 800.000 Mhalmites in Turkey and they will be represented in the parliament.

Yazidi MPs

HDP’s Mardin candidate Ali Atalan is elected to the parliament.

Another Yazidi MP Feleknas Uca, who is a former AP member, is elected to the parliament from Diyarbakir.

Dora in the parliament

HDP Mardin candidate Erol Dora, who is a Syriac lawyer, is elected to the parliament.

Azeri candidate wasn’t elected

Kıznaz Türkeli was elected to the parliament on June 7, but she wasn’t elected this time, since HDP’s votes decreased in Iğdır.


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