Suspects of murder in Şişli arrested

Alleged suspects of the attack which caused Hagop Yakup Demirci's death and Seta Ayda Demirci's injury are caught in Trabzon.

On February 6, Hagop Yakup Demirci and Seta Ayda Demirci were attacked in their apartment in Şişli. Attacked by 3 people, Hagop Demirci was strangled and his wife got injured. 

According to Anadolu News Agency's report, İstanbul Branch of Public Security Office identified 3 suspects who broke into Demirci's apartment. It is found out that 3 suspects ran away to Trabzon.

Statement from Trabzon Chief Public Prosecutor's Office

In the written statement made by Trabzon Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, it is stated that an operation was carried out yesterday upon the order of İstanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. 8 suspects (5 women and 3 men), who are Armenia citizens, were detained. 

In the statement, it is also stated that the suspects were handed to the teams of the Homicide Bureau of Istanbul Security Directorate. Along with the suspects, a watch belonging to Hagop Demirci and 10.000 dollars were found. It is pointed out that the suspects were found in an apartment that was rented by one of the detainees 2 days before the attack.  


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