Claim for compensation by Baskın Oran against President

Prof. Dr. Baskın Oran filed a claim for compensation against President Erdoğan, because of his statements about the academics who signed the declaration titled as “We won't be accomplices to this crime”. Oran is one of the signees.

Teaching at Political Sciences Department of Ankara University, Agos columnist Prof. Dr. Baskın Oran filed a claim for compensation against President Erdoğan on the ground that the president attacked his personal rights by his statements about signee academics. He demands 10.000 liras as compensation. 

Oran presented a petition to Ankara 3rd Court of First Instance via his lawyer. Here are some statements from that petition: “After the release of the declaration, defendant Erdoğan attacked the personal rights of the academics, including my client, by using invective and offensive language. By urging the nation to do the necessary, he led up to the attacks of his supporters and by ordering the public officials who have administrative and judicial authorities to conduct investigations, he violated the freedom of expression.”

“They are denigrated, pointed as target”

“After Erdoğan said 'This nation will rise to the occasion', national and especially local media organs published stories against those academics and pointed them as targets. The fact that my client, as other signee academics, is subjected to threats and investigations because of Erdoğan's accusing, denigrating and targeting statements indicates an unlawful intervention to the freedom of expression.”


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