Call for "death to Armenian dogs" forced resignation

The deputy chairman of a Swedish-Turkish association Barbaros Leylani has resigned after derogatory comments he made about Armenians last week at a Stockholm rally.

Calling for death "to Armenian dogs" at a Stockholm rally, Barbaros Leylani apologized on April 11 through the association's website. He said that he is misunderstood and declared that he resigned.

Swedish legal watch institution Juridikfronten stated they reported the speech, since it incites racial hatred and an Armenian association in Sweden stated they are also plannig to make a police report. 

Here are Leylani's statements: “The speech I gave on April 9 caused misunderstanding and I realized that some malevolent people took advantage of it. First of all, my speech has nothing to do with our association. Because of time constraints, I couldn't have prepared enough and I caused misunderstanding by acting emotionally. I have nothing to say to peaceful Armenians; I just wanted to criticize those who kill civilians, women and children. And I also wanted to criticize the Armenian government embracing PKK. However, I am misunderstood. I apologize to our federation, members and Turkish nation. And I resign in order to prevent any harm to our federation.”

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