Merkel: the lifting of immunity causes concerns

Chancellor Merkel made a statement about her planned meeting with Erdoğan and said that the lifting of immunity of the members of Turkish Parliament might have grave consequences. It is expected that the migration deal, lifting of parliamentary immunity and Bundestag's bill for the Armenian Genocide will be discussed at the meeting.

UN Humanitarian Summit started in Istanbul today. Coming to Turkey for the Summit, Angela Merkel will hold a meeting with President Erdoğan.

According to Deutsche Welle's report, in Germany, majority of people expect Merkel to put the concerns about the criticized developments in Turkish state's policies explicitly. Speaking to Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS), Merkel emphasized that all the important questions will be raised during her meeting with Erdoğan. Merkel said that although she is concerned over the developments in Turkish domestic politics, there will be efforts for realizing the immigration deal made between EU and Turkey.

Responds to criticisms

Speaking to FAS, Merkel said that she had grave concerns over Turkey’s decision to break off a peace process with Kurdish militants and though Germany agrees that PKK is a terrorist organization, they "want the Kurdish population to have its equal place and a good future in Turkey." Assesing the voting for lifting the parliamentary immunity, Merkel said she was “deeply concerned” by the vote in Turkey’s parliament on Friday and added that it would have “grave consequences, especially for Kurdish politicians”.

Responding the criticisms claiming that the immigration deal had made Europe dependent on Turkey, Merkel said, "Of course there are mutual dependencies, which you could also call a necessity to reconcile interests."

The bill for the Armenian Genocide

In addition to the migration deal and voting for lifting the parliamentary immunity, it is also expected that press foredoom, the bill for the Armenian Genocide that will be voted on June 2 in Bundestag and German humorist Jan Böhmermann will be discussed at the meeting.

It is reported that Angela Merkel, during her meeting with the representatives of Turkish civil society on Sunday, discussed the issues like the political and social situation in Turkey, Kurdish question, state of law, Turkey's EU membership process and the cooperation in migration policies.


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