TURKEY Merkel: the lifting of immunity causes concerns

Chancellor Merkel made a statement about her planned meeting with Erdoğan and said that the lifting of immunity of the members of Turkish Parliament might have grave consequences. It is expected that the migration deal, lifting of parliamentary immunity and Bundestag's bill for the Armenian Genocide will be discussed at the meeting.
NEWS Paylan: in order to defend our supporters' will, we won't go to court

HDP Istanbul MP Garo Paylan assessed the voting that clears the way for lifting the parliamentary immunity. Saying that he considers CHP's attitude as “falling prey to AKP”, Paylan said: “In order to defend our supporters' will, we won't go to the courts which this oppressive law commands us to go.”
NEWS Reaction to violence against Garo Paylan

Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Chair Aram Hamparian sent a petition to the US Ambassador to Turkey John Bass on May 3. Signed by Hamparian, the petition is about HDP MP Garo Paylan who was subjected to physical violence during a parliamentary session on parliamentary immunity.
TURKEY Demirtaş: people can form more than one parliament, if they want

HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş spoke about the lifting of the parliamentary immunity: “They will try to bring some of our MPs to the court, which became AKP's law committee, and lynch them. Do they think that we will keep silent? We won't let you to prosecute us in the courts that are dependent on you. None of our friends will go to police, prosecutor or court, when they are called to give statement.”