Bill for lifting the MPs immunity passed

Turkish parliament approved the immunity bill by 374 votes in favor. The bill will become effective after President Erdoğan's approval.

In the General Assembly, the constitutional amendment bill concerning the parliamentary immunity is passed by 376 votes in favor. 531 MPs participated in the voting. There are 376 votes in favor and 140 against the bill.

With this result, there is no need for referendum. The bill will become effective after President Erdoğan's approval.  

Today's second round of voting started at 13.40. Parliamentary Speaker announced the result: on the voting for second article, there are 374 votes in favor and 136 against the amendment.

On the second round of voting for the constitutional amendment, the voting for the first article is ended. According to the results, there are 373 votes in favor and 138 against the amendment.

In the General Assembly, both articles and the amendment package as a whole will be voted. There will be 3 voting in total.  

Baluken: this wasn't a secret ballot

HDP MP İdris Baluken took the floor in the parliament after the voting and said that AKP violated the rules of secret ballot. Stating that AKP MPs were waiting in front of the voting booths, Baluken said, “This wasn't a secret ballot, it was wide open.”

330-367 votes are needed for referendum. If there are more than 367 votes in favor, the amendment package would be passed without referendum. 

The proposal that will be voted for the second time today is about parliamentary immunity. With this amendment, a temporary article will be added to the Constitutional Law for lifting the immunity of MPs who have dossiers against them and it will be limited to the current dossiers.