NEWS Leaders summit without HDP in presidential palace

CHP Chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and MHP Chair Devlet Bahçeli will be hosted in presidential palace for the first time. President Erdoğan hasn't invited HDP to the meeting where the leaders of political parties will come together.
NEWS Paylan: in order to defend our supporters' will, we won't go to court

HDP Istanbul MP Garo Paylan assessed the voting that clears the way for lifting the parliamentary immunity. Saying that he considers CHP's attitude as “falling prey to AKP”, Paylan said: “In order to defend our supporters' will, we won't go to the courts which this oppressive law commands us to go.”
NEWS First session on parliamentary immunity starts

Today, the constitutional amendment bill prepared for lifting the parliamentary immunity of the lawmakers who have outstanding dossiers against them, which caused quarrels during the committee meeting, will be brought to the agenda of the general assembly of the parliament.
NEWS Party leaders to start reform meetings

Davutoğlu asked for appointment from opposition leaders in order to discuss new constitution, budget and reforms, and all the leaders answered in the affirmative. The meetings will start on December 30.
NEWS What does election results mean?

Decrease in HDP and MHP’s votes sealed the fate of the new parliament. We talked to two scholars, Cuma Çiçek and Yücel Taşkın, about the reasons and possible consequences of this change.
NEWS Doing the maths of the new parliament

46 million voters went to the polls for the June 7 Elections, producing a series of striking outcomes. As the 13-year AKP rule came to an end, the HDP passed the election threshold; and possible coalition scenarios are now being discussed.