Constitution Conciliation Committee dismissed

Constitution Conciliation Committee is dismissed upon the decision of the parliamentary speaker after the dispute between CHP and AKP members over presidential system.

Newly-formed Constitution Conciliation Committee is dismissed on its 3rd meeting. 

CHP's committee members strongly reacted against the presidential system and this caused the committee to be dismissed. After the meeting, CHP members came together with CHP chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. 

HDP's committee member Garo Paylan reported that the committee is dismissed via Twitter. 

CHP's committee members held a press conference after meeting with Kılıçdaroğlu. CHP vice chair Bülent Tezcan claimed that the committee serves for the presidential system plans and said: “The parliamentary speaker announced that the committee is dismissed, since we cannot agree on solving the initial problems.”

Pointing out that the first meeting was open to press and they said the same things on the second meeting, Tezcan said: “We are determined not to get into a discussion on regime and we stood firm. We put forward three issues that should be resolved first. One of them is the necessity of working on a constitution in the scope of a parliamentary democracy. We stated that we should agree on the governmental system at the beginning. AKP enforces the presidential system and President Erdoğan started a campaign for it.”

“Unrealistic attitude” 

Claiming that AKP tries to play around until June, Tezcan said, “We said that we cannot make concessions about the founding principles like the first 4 articles of the current constitution. This was our second determination. We also stated that there should be serious efforts for reckoning with the coup laws.”

Tezcan said that they couldn't have agreed on the working principles and he added: “AKP has an unrealistic, insincere attitude. We don't want to be a part of a campaign for the presidential system.”

Çelik: CHP's sabotage 

After the meeting, AKP's committee members came together with AKP chair and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. After that meeting, vice chair Ömer Çelik held a press conference. “The process of establishing a new constitution is for the sake of our nation and once again, CHP sabotaged the process.”

Saying that CHP doesn't allow them to establish a new constitution, Çelik said: “We want to establish a new constitution for new Turkey, but they insist on the constitution of old Turkey. They resist people's demand for a change. This is the gist of the situation.”

If AKP couldn't form another committee with HDP and MHP, they will prepare a draft on their own and hold a referendum with 330 MPs. 


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