Demonstration for press freedom in Istanbul

Last evening, people protested the state of emergency decree that led the shutting down of more than 20 TV channels and radio stations.

Hundreds of people, including workers of the media outlets, attended the protest in Taksim. 

With a decree issued after the coup attempt on July 15, 12 TV channels and 11 radio stations, including İMC TV, Hayatın Sesi, TV10, Van TV, Zarok TV and Jiyan TV, have been shut down.

The offices of Hayatın Sesi and IMC TV had been raided and sealed by the police forces on Tuesday.

Protesters carried the posters that read "We won't obey the monopolization of the media" and "Free press, free country".

Arif Koşar, Hayatın Sesi TV program coordinator, said, "If the coup had been successful, what is happening now would have happened anyway. So, no one should say that there is a fight against the coup plotters.”

IMC TV general coordinator Eyüp Burç said, “Why are they practicing the state of emergency on us? Did we support the coup attempt? We are against all coups.”

Speaking on behalf of Özgür Radyo, Leyla Aday said, “By shutting down our offices, they muted the voice of millions.”

Veli Haydar Gülaç from TV 10 said, “There was TRT 1 before. Now, they want us to listen to only one sovereign from all channels.”


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