“State of emergency continues, new decrees to come”

Vice Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş stated that the state of emergency will continue as long as it is necessary, new emergency decrees are about to be completed and investigation is launched against 347 social media accounts.

The cabinet meeting led by President Erdoğan was ended at 22 pm last night. 

Vice Prime Minister Kurtulmuş held a press conference after the meeting.

“A message for Turkey's operations abroad”

“It is a message for Turkey's operations abroad. It seems that the successful operations in Syria, especially Euphrates Shield, is disturbing the terrorist organizations and the ones who use them as tools.”

“Our operations will continue in Jarablus, Al-Bab, Manbij and wherever it is necessary until these terrorist organizations will no longer be a threat against Turkey.”

“Relations with Iraq has started”

“Turkish-Iraqi relations are restored. It is a difficult process, but God willing there will a peace perspective soon. I hope it is about to be realized.”

“State of emergency continues”

“State of emergency was not declared for no reason. It was necessary. In a time when Turkey is faced with too many terrorist attacks, especially given the combat against Gulenists' attempt to infiltrate the state, the state of emergency will continue as long as it necessary.”

“We are working to issue new emergency decrees. They are about to be completed. They will be revealed to the public soon.”

Investigation against 347 social media accounts

“347 social media accounts have investigation launched against them on the ground that they are considered to incite hatred in the society.”


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