State of emergency extended for 3 months

Starting from January 19, the state of emergency is extended for 3 more months.

General Assembly of Turkish Parliament passed the resolution concerning the extension of the state of emergency for 3 months. 

The state of emergency was declared on July 21 with 346 votes in favor after the coup attempt on July 15.

Ending on October 19, the state of emergency had been extended for 3 months. This is the second time the state of emergency is extended for 3 months. It will last until April 19, unless it won't be extended again.

HDP spokesperson Ayhan Bilgen noted that the resolution states the state of emergency is extended upon the recommendation of the National Security Council that convened on January 3, but they weren't informed that National Security Council held a meeting on January 3.

Bilgen also pointed out that Vice Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş stated that the extension was not discussed in the cabinet meeting, but the resolution presented to the General Assembly states that the decision was made at the cabinet meeting held yesterday.