Yılmazer: I did what regulations required me to do

In Dink case, Ali Fuat Yılmazer, deputy chief of Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch at the time of murder, continues to present his defence.



The lawsuit against public officials including Ramazan Akyürek, Celalettin Cerrah, Ahmet İlhan Güler and Engin Dinç continues in 14th High Penal Court. 

Yesterday (February 6), Ali Fuat Yılmazer, former chief of the Office C of Istanbul Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch, continued to present his defence. Yılmazer criticized Ahmet İlhan Güler's statements about him and addressed some questions to Güler. 

Concerning the lawsuits against Dink and attacks he had been subjected to during the trials, Yılmazer asked: “Do these incidents concern the intelligence branch?” And Güler answered: “Threats against Dink hadn't been reported to us. We hadn't been informed about the life-threatening events. What happened in the courthouse became declared and didn't make us responsible.” Güler also said that they didn't think that Dink's life was at risk.

After the break, Yılmazer continued to ask questions to Güler. 

The photo of the hitman

Yılmazer asked why Istanbul Intelligence Branch hadn't sent the picture of Ogün Samast to all cities. Güler said that he doesn't remember why they didn't do it.

Ergenekon is not a plot”

After the questions, Yılmazer continued to present his defence. He criticized that Ergenekon cases are defined as plot: “Based on what information does the prosecutor call them plot? I know that there are evidences in that case. The document of Ergenekon is real.”

Yılmazer stated that, in addition to the murder of Dink, Turkish Council of State shooting and Zirve Publishing House massacre were also carried out as result of provocations: “I am here today, because I was dealing with the crimes against minorities. I was the only one who was dealing with those crimes. I did what regulations requires me to do. I monitored nationalist activities.”

Dink case continues today (February 7) with the defence of Yılmazer.


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