Police attacks academics in Ankara University

Academics who gathered in Cebeci Campus of Ankara University for protesting the decrees are not allowed in the university. Police forces attacked and the doors of the campus are closed.

Academics who gathered in front of Cebeci Campus of Ankara University are not allowed in the campus by security and police forces. The police didn't allow the academics in the campus on the ground that Ministry of Interior has ordered so. MPs, academics, students and former students are in front of the campus. Police attacked the academics who tried to enter the campus and some academics are detained. After the attack, the entrance to the campus is blocked. Academics left their robes on the entrance for protest. 

Police also prevented the academics inside to read their press statement in front of the building of Department of Political Sciences. Prof. Baskın Oran, who came to the university for supporting his dismissed friends, said that police violently attacked the people who gathered in front of the campus, they didn't allow people to wait around, but they are still waiting there. 

With the decree issued on February 7, 330 academics have been dismissed. 115 of them were the ones who signed the declaration of “Academics for Peace”. Ankara University has the largest number of dismissed academics. 34 “academic for peace” are dismissed.