Yılmazer: there is a serious ruse

In Dink case, Ali Fuat Yılmazer, former chief of the Office C of Istanbul Directorate of Security Intelligence Branch, continues to present his defence. Saying that they decided to wiretap Tuncel's phone, but there is no record, Yılmazer stated, "There is a serious ruse."

As part of Dink case, the trial of public officials including Ramazan Akyürek, Celalettin Cerrah, Ahmet İlhan Güler and Engin Dinç continues in Istanbul. 

Witnesses are being heard

The court had decided to hear 52 people as witnesses. Some witnesses gave their statement in the cities they live in. Ahmet Kurt, Tarkan Göçen, Seyfi İnan, Yalçın Kara ve Özcan Özkan gave statement to different courts and their statements have been read in the court room. 

Ahmet Kurt said that he worked in Office C, they received the information that Dink will be killed, but he doesn't know what kind of works had been done.

Giving a statement as a witness, Tarkan Gökçen said that Ali Fuat Yılmazer wanted the information concerning Dink ordered after the murder and that's when he saw the report concerning Hrant Dink. Gökçen said that he was friends with Muhittin Zenit, he called him out of curiosity, but he hadn't talked to anybody about the incident. 

“Yılmazer was yelling, 'Bring the documents of the team from Trabzon'”

Working in Intelligence Department at the time of murder, Seyfi İnan was also heard as a witness. He said that the documents concerning Dink were important and it is impossible for the branch chief not to see such important documents and information.

Yalçın Kara, a police officer working the Intelligence Department, said: “On the day of murder, I went to the Department and Yılmazer was yelling, 'Bring the documents of the team from Trabzon.'”

Özcan Özkan said that they investigated Osman Hayal and issued a report about that investigation, but they didn't do anything else. He said that they hadn't seen any document. 

After the witness statements were read, Yılmazer continued his defence. 

“Who is the plotter in Trabzon?”

Yılmazer said that Erhan Tuncel's phone was wiretapped before the murder, but there is no record:

“Who did organize these plots in Trabzon? Either it was known that he wasn't using that phone or someone told him not to use it. This is no joke. There cannot be such mistakes in intelligence branches. They recorded the informant who hadn't been recorded for 2 years. Then they wrote a report, telling that they were trying to make him give up through the informant. This is an unprecedented report. Neither police nor intelligence personnel have such a duty. This is an effort for evading. There is a serious ruse.”

Yılmazer also criticized the prosecutor's office on the ground that the prosecutor who issued the indictment concealed the evidences in favor of him. 

The trial continues with Yılmazer's defence.  


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