Cypriot Parliament calls for Armenian Genocide recognition

The parliament of Republic of Cyprus calls upon international community to recognize the Armenian Genocide on the occasion of its102nd anniversary.

President of the Cypriot Parliament Demetris Syllouris stated that Turkey carried out ethnic cleansing against Armenians and Turkey has been denying this crime for over a century. He also noted that Cypriot parliament was among the first parliaments to recognize and condemn the Armenian Genocide and the parliament declared April 24 as Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day in 1990. The Parliament has also adopted the law for punishing the genocide denial and the war crimes against the humanity. 

Deputy Vartkes Mahtesian stated that the perpetrators of the genocide go unpunished: “For over a century, we are seeking for justice, not vengeance. We want the historical facts concerning this tragedy to be accepted unanimously.” He also noted that they expect great powers, which claim that they are the guardians of the international law, to pressure Turkey for accepting their responsibility and recognizing their crime.