Baydemir: this picture increased our hope

HDP Spokesperson Osman Baydemir assessed the referendum result in a press conference held in HDP headquarter.

Here are highlights from Baydemir's statement:

“Kurds said no to anti-Kurdish policies that has been working for last 2 years. The message of our people should be understood clearly. Kurds said no to war, trustees and curfews. They cast their votes under the threat of death. Even under such circumstances, they said no to fascism.”

“In 17 metropolises, including İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Eskişehir, Adana, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Van, peoples said no."

"The result is shady"

YSK (Supreme Electoral Board of Turkey) became the board of a certain political party. It acted partially. In addition to many incidents that took place during the referendum, YSK's decision rendered the result shady.”

“We are more hopeful today than yesterday. Today, we have more determined to fight and hopeful about a bright future.”

The winner has actually lost”

“The package was prepared by MHP-AKP coalition which have 67% of the votes. 25 national TV channels hadn't covered our campaign. Yes campaign only had 51% of the votes with manipulations and tricks. 51% means 25 million people. And there are 24 million people who say no. I want to ask the supporters of AKP: If your chair were in prison and you were treated like this, would you consider this result legitimate? There is no victory, the winner has actually lost.”

1 million people were forced to migrate, 500,000 of them are voters”

“Around 1 million people were displaced from the destructed regions. 500,000 of them are voters. In consideration of these facts, we understand the purpose of emergency rule clearly. Our leaders have been in prison. We should assess the reason of arrests better.”

End the emergency rule”

“The society needs peace immediately. The emergency rule must be ended. HDP will continue to work for meeting this need.

“End the emergency rule. End the counter-coup policies. End the wave of arrest, since this voting means that people want Demirtaş, Yüksekdağ, MPs and mayors to be released. The society needs a common ground for uniting two sides.”

There are 668 records for objection”

“We have 668 records for objection. We will submit them to YSK. The result would change, if they are accepted.

“There is no authority to be applied for objecting the decision of YSK. This is why YSK made an unlawful decision hastily. And they even said that they made this decision upon the demand of an AKP official.”


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