1990 İstanbul doğumlu. Kültür sanat, müzik, insan hakları ve güncel politika haberleri yapıyor. 

CHP MP Selina Doğan tabled a parliamentary question addressed to Ministry of Internal Affairs, but hasn't received a response. After that, she applied to General Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship Affairs. She demanded to know how many of non-Muslims there are in Turkey, given there is race code procedure. The Directorate replied that they cannot give any answer to that question, since there is no procedure like race code.

Sevag Balıkçı was killed by Kıvanç Ağaoğlu while he was doing his military service in Kozluk province in Batman and the most recent hearing of the murder case was held in Diyarbakir on February 25. The case is adjourned to April 6 because of a missing document. Sevag Balıkçı's parents Garabed and Ani Balıkçı were present at the hearing. We talked to them about the legal process and the claims that Ani Balıkçı has moved to Armenia.

On the occasion of February 21 International Mother Language Day, we talked to philologist and Jamanak newspaper editor Sevan Değirmenciyan, who is also Armenian teacher in Pangaltı Mıhitaryan High School, about the importance of Western Armenian for Armenians in Turkey.

Historian Stefan Ihrig authored another important book titled as “Justfiying Genocide” that is published by Harvard University Press. In this book, Ihrig discussed the Germans' view of the Armenians from Bismarck to Hitler and we talked to him about the background and the factors that led to this historical attitude of Germans toward Armenians.

Born in Sivas, Zara in 1944, Berc Zorian became a prominent figure in amputee football in South America. We talked to him about his life that reached to Mexico and memories of football.