1987 İstanbul doğumlu. Agos web sitesinin editörü; insan hakları, ifade özgürlüğü, çevre hareketleri, güncel politika ve yaşam haberleri yapıyor.

The hearings of public officials as part of Dink case continues with the defence of Ercan Demir, who was the Trabzon Intelligence Branch Chief at the time of murder.

On the second day of hearings, the cross examination of Muhittin Zenit, who was an officer in Trabzon Intelligence Branch at the time of murder, is continued. Zenit said, “As an officer, I submitted my report as 'he will be killed'. It was redesigned by Engin Dinç and Özkan Mumcu.”

The first day of hearings started with the defence and cross examination of Muhittin Zenit, who was an officer in Trabzon Intelligence Branch at the time of murder. Questions about almost 20 missing intelligence reports, Zeynel Abidin Yavuz, the phone call that Zenit made to Erhan Tuncel after the murder were addressed to Muhittin Zenit. It is also asked who changed the intelligence report by writing “an impactful action”.

“Sur Action Plan”, which was announced by Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Mehmet Özhaseki, has been criticized by NGOs and occupational organizations which are excluded from the process of project design. Referring to the plan, Chamber of Architects Diyarbakir Branch Chair Şerefhan Aydın says, “This is the first step of gaining unearned income and making benefits available.”

According to Jürgen Gottschlich, Taz Newspaper Turkey correspondent, the fact that German parliament recognized the genocide and Germany's complicity means that Turkey is left alone even by its “former ally”.

With the lifting of the curfew in some places of Sur, which lasted for 6 months, the extent of the devastation is revealed. In fact, according to the people who saw the region, the real devastation happened in the places that are still under curfew.

HDP Istanbul MP Garo Paylan assessed the voting that clears the way for lifting the parliamentary immunity. Saying that he considers CHP's attitude as “falling prey to AKP”, Paylan said: “In order to defend our supporters' will, we won't go to the courts which this oppressive law commands us to go.”

Twice-postponed Armenian Genocide draft will be brought to Bundestag's agenda on June 2. Green Party member and Vice President of the Bundestag Claudia Roth spoke to Agos. Reminding that Ambassador of Turkey to Germany Hüseyin Avni Karslıoğlu warned Bundestag about the draft, Roth said, “We don't accept it. I hope the groups in the parliament won't obey Turkey once again and the draft will be accepted as planned.”

Personal data of nearly 50 million Turkish citizens leaked online and this intensified the debates on personal security. According to information technology law experts, Protection of Personal Data Law proposed by the government for solving the security problem will create a legitimate ground for government to use “sensitive data”.

NGOs working on refugees released a press statement about Aşkale Repatriation Center, where the refugees are completely isolated. NGOs made a call to Turkey's Directorate of General of Migration Management for stopping treating the refugees as criminals and providing them the right to access justice.