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3000 kilometers along the Caucasus mountains, three countries and a long way passing through them... Transcaucasian Trail Association (TCTA), a Washington-based initiative, embarked to build one of the longest hiking routes in the world. The association is working with local partners for this hiking route, which is planned to pass through Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. They want to improve ecotourism, create an exciting route for the hikers and provide a different perspective to Caucasus countries which seem like they will never come to terms because of the border conflicts. We talked to Vahagn Vardumyan, a member of Armenia team, about the project.

It has been almost a year since October 10 Ankara Massacre. The case of the massacre, which left 102 dead and 391 wounded, will start on November 7 without the public officials included, despite all the objections of the lawyers. We talked to the survivors of the massacre. Accounts of Gülşen Ay, Uğur Erman Karakoç, Elif Zavar and Bahadır Kılıç are like similar but disparate parts of the same harrowing story.

Today, the “visiting editors-in-chief” of closed-down Özgür Gündem newspaper started to stand trial. The first hearing, where Ayşe Düzkan and Ragıp Duran stood trial, has been postponed to December 15.

Development of Social and Cultural Life Association (SKYGD) conducted a field study in order to examine the life conditions, expectations and problems of Syrian children living in Turkey. 100 children living in various districts of Istanbul had been interviewed and a report titled as “Being a refugee children in Turkey” is issued. The report shows that the most fundamental demand of the children is to go on their education, which they are deprived of because of financial problems.

After the attempted coup on July 15, which left 204 dead and 1491 injured, a wide operation in state institutions continue; officials are either arrested or suspended. As of Wednesday, some 2000 people are arrested and more than 50,000 civil servants are suspended as part of the investigation reaching to Turkish Armed Forces, public institutions and judiciary. It is expected that the investigations, detentions and purge will go on.

With the deal made between Turkey and Israel, “humanitarian aid” to Gaza Strip is brought to the agenda once again. On the other hand, a joint Palestinian and Israeli project, which has been going on since 2002, tries to find a more permanent solution to the crisis in the region. The book titled as "Learning Each Others Historical Narrative" offers a new model for history textbooks used in Palestinian and Israeli schools. Project's co-director Sami Adwan told about this model.

The third hearing of the trial of public officials ended. Evaluating the demands of release, the court decided to release Ercan Demir. Ali Fuat Yılmazer and Ramazan Akyürek’s detention continues. The next hearing will be held on August 8, 9, 10 and 12.