1987 İstanbul doğumlu. Agos web sitesinin editörü; insan hakları, ifade özgürlüğü, çevre hareketleri, güncel politika ve yaşam haberleri yapıyor.

The exhibition “70TK: From Tatavla to Kurtuluş” will be open until 1 October. We met with its curator Dr. Banu Pekol, to talk about the project.

Israeli parliament gave preliminary approval to “Israel nation-state law”, which has to pass two more votes to become law. This proposal, which makes people worry that it might constitute a legitimate ground for discriminatory policies against Palestinians, is a hot topic of debate in the country. We talked to Louis Fishman, faculty member of Brooklyn College Department of History about these developments and he states that this law would be a disgrace, not only to the Arab citizens, but also to the Jews working towards an open liberal Israel that is based on freedom and equality.

Surviving the Suruç massacre, Gökçe Çetin and Merve Kanak told about the past 2 years, legal process and their expectation of justice.

The latest target of treasure hunters is Surp Dırtad Monastery in Doğanköy (Tortan) village of Erzincan. Locals are at a loss, since authorities don’t do anything despite their complaints about increasing attacks by treasure hunters.

This year, March 8 may be one of the strongest reactions of the women's movement against “one-man” policies of governments. 30 countries responded to the general strike call that was initiated by anti-Trump women's movement in the US. In Turkey, a women's demonstration was held in Istanbul and the “Feminist Night March” will be held on March 8.

Prof. Dr. Nilgün Toker Kılınç, who signed the “Academics for Peace” declaration and is dismissed with the recent emergency decree, thinks that dismissal is an “act of vengeance” rather than punishment.

Croatian Goran Blažević began a journey for drawing attention to the problems of the refugees. In this 5-month journey from Jordan to his homeland, Blažević follows the route that refugees use for going to Europe. Blažević is in Turkey in these days.