The night that unsettled Turkey: July 15

After the attempted coup on July 15, which left 204 dead and 1491 injured, a wide operation in state institutions continue; officials are either arrested or suspended. As of Wednesday, some 2000 people are arrested and more than 50,000 civil servants are suspended as part of the investigation reaching to Turkish Armed Forces, public institutions and judiciary. It is expected that the investigations, detentions and purge will go on.

The attempted coup on July 15 costed countless lives. Parliament, presidential palace and many other buildings were bombed and attacked. During the night, many civilians were killed in the clashes by the fire of either police forces or putschists. According to the recent figures announced by Anadolu Agency, 240 people, 173 of them being civilians were killed and 1491 people were injured. Casualties include 62 police officers and 5 soliders. Also, 24 putschists were killed and 50 putschists were captured. 

And a wide operation started after the coup was foiled. Thousands of people are detained and countless civil servants are suspended. After the failed coup, 118 generals and admirals are detained. 85 generals and admirals, including Second Army Commander General Adem Huduti and former Air Force Commander General Akın Öztürk, are arrested.

62 high school students are under arrest

According to the recent information that we received on Wednesday, the number of detained soldiers has risen to 6746, including privates doing their compulsory military service and high school students between the ages of 14 and 17. 1258 people from military personnel are under arrest, including 107 generals and admirals. This means that 30% of the superiors in Turkish army are currently under arrest.

Also, 43 police officers are arrested and 121 police officers are detained. It is also reported that 3 deputy governors and 2 district governors are detained and 2 deputy governors are arrested.

50 civil servants are detained and 25 civil servants are arrested.

34 academics are detained and 1 academic is arrested.

Detentions in judiciary

The investigation reaches judiciary as well. According to recent information, 1005 judges and prosecutors are detained and 597 judges and prosecutors are under arrest. Moreover, 51 members of Court of Cassation and 32 members of Council of State are detained. 2 members of Constitutional Court and 4 members of Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors are detained.

According to Ministry of National Defence, investigations are launched against all judges and prosecutors in military judiciary. As part of these investigations, 262 military judges and prosecutors are dismissed.

Major operation in state institutions

After the coup attempt, thousands of officials are dismissed from ministries and public institutions. As of Wednesday, 55,578 public officials are laid off.

The government declared that a purging process started against the supporters of Fethullah Gülen in Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Council of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Development and Energy Market Regulatory Authority. The widest purging process took place in Ministry of Education, which announced that 15,200 people are suspended. As of Wednesday, 6,538 personnel are dismissed. Moreover, 21,000 teachers working in private institutions are decertified. Thus, a total of 42,738 people working in Ministry of Education are laid off.

4 university rectors are laid off

Council of Higher Education (YÖK) demanded resignation of all university deans. According to YÖK, all deans resigned. However, rectors haven't made any statement about this issue.

Moreover, YÖK announced that rectors of Gazi, Dicle and Yıldız Technical universities are laid off.  


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