NEWS Leaders summit without HDP in presidential palace

CHP Chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and MHP Chair Devlet Bahçeli will be hosted in presidential palace for the first time. President Erdoğan hasn't invited HDP to the meeting where the leaders of political parties will come together.
NEWS Ahmet İnsel: we are in the middle of the chaos caused by coup process

Though we watched live what happened on July 15, we still don't know exactly how the attempted coup unfolded behind the scenes. There are lots of reports and information about this issue, but they are just too new. We talked to Ahmet İnsel about what happened and the possible developments after the attempted coup.
NEWS The night that unsettled Turkey: July 15

After the attempted coup on July 15, which left 204 dead and 1491 injured, a wide operation in state institutions continue; officials are either arrested or suspended. As of Wednesday, some 2000 people are arrested and more than 50,000 civil servants are suspended as part of the investigation reaching to Turkish Armed Forces, public institutions and judiciary. It is expected that the investigations, detentions and purge will go on.