1985 İstanbul doğumlu. Toplum haberleri, Türkiye-Ermenistan ilişkileri, güncel politika, azınlık hakları, insan hakları ve müzik haberleri yapıyor.

101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was commemorated with Aurora Prize, which is one of the most innovative events of the year and named after Aurora Mardiganian, a genocide survivor who witnessed the killing of her relatives. The winner of the prize that was granted for the first time is Marguerite Barankitse (Maggy), who saved hundreds of orphans' lives during the civil war in Burundi.

Following artist and researcher Hradzan Tokmakjian, we look at the needlework that women from Marash, Ourfa and Ayıntab, who survived the genocide and managed to go to Aleppo, brought with them, the differences between the needlework styles of 3 cities, the changes in those works in 100 years and the craft that mothers have been teaching to their daughters.

On the occasion of February 21 International Mother Language Day, we focused on the initiatives working for making Western Armenian a living language. We spoke to Ani Garmiryan, who is responsible for the "Promotion of Western Armenian" program of Gulbenkian Foundation.

One of the prominent figures of Armenian Diaspora, Russian investment banker Ruben Vardanyan is an important entrepreneur and philanthropist, co-founder of “100 LIVES” project which is one of the most remarkable events of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. We talked to him about his observations about Istanbul and his new projects.

Last week, renowned Canadian film director Atom Egoyan was in Turkey for the first time. Although he had received many invitations from film festivals before, he had preferred not to come. He had legitimate reasons, fears and concerns. ‘Ararat’, the film he shot 13 years ago, had faced intense reaction and repression in Turkey; and could not be screened.

Raymond Kévorkian’s work ‘The Armenian Genocide’, a masterpiece in its field, has been published in Turkish by the İletişim Publishing House. In addition to how the book came about, we spoke to Kévorkian about Turkey’s policies regarding the Genocide.

Raymond Kévorkian’s book ‘Armenian Genocide’, based on years of comprehensive research, has been published in Turkish with Ayşen Taşkent Ekmekçi’s translation. We talked to Ekmekçi about the translation process, and the importance of the publication of the book in Turkish.

The international media forum titled ‘At the Foot of Mount Ararat’ held in Yerevan on 18-20 March, brought together journalists from various countries with President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, and also many state officials.