TURKEY “Danger of jihadism is underestimated”

Assistant Prof. Erhan Keleşoğlu was a faculty member at Istanbul University International Relations Department and was dismissed on October 2016. He answered the questions of Agos about Reina attack.
TURKEY Fellows knowing and introducing Turkey by producing

Hrant Dink Foundation's Turkey-Armenia fellowship program sponsored by the EU encourages the professionals from the neighboring country to form cross-border cooperation networks since 2014. Armen Ohanyan (Hayastantsi), Maria Yeghiazaryan and Artsrun Pivazyan, who came to neighboring Turkey for new experiences thanks to the fellowship program, shared their experiences.
TURKEY Prof. İştar Gözaydın arrested

Prof. İştar Gözaydın had been detained as part of “Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organization” investigation against Gediz University and she was arrested on the 8th day of her detention.
TURKEY “We try to be a drop of clean water for the refugees”

For 4 years, clergymen from eastern churches have been helping to Christian refugees, especially to the ones outside of Istanbul. We talked to Father Orhan Çanlı from Syriac Catholic Church about problems of the Christian refugees in Turkey.
TURKEY HDP MPs Konca and Demirel arrested

HDP MP Besime Konca and group deputy chairperson Çağlar Demirel were arrested yesterday. HDP Siirt MP Besime Konca had been released, but she was detained again upon the objection by prosecution and then arrested.
TURKEY Ayhan Bilgen: 237 HDP officials are detained

Ayhan Bilgen, spokesperson of HDP, stated that 237 HDP officials have been detained in simultaneous operations carried out this morning. He also said that HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş had heart spasm on Saturday and he is denied healthcare services in prison.