NEWS Coronavirus antibody test for truth tracking

We do not know the true scale of the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey and the world. When will it be safe to reopen schools, go back to work and daily life again? What if you already had the infection without symptoms, recovered and now immune? Widespread antibody blood testing can help answer these questions and should be developed and made broadly available, together with the current tests that detect the virus.
NEWS Embracing veganism and animal sentience: the long view on Coronavirus outbreak

The current outbreak by the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV is not the first, and will not be the last microbe that jumped from animals to humans, because we continue to eat animals as food and invade their natural territory. A good way to reduce infectious outbreaks from animals is veganism, stopping wildlife trade, human consumption of animal products, and importantly, recognizing animal sentience. Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty in 2009 recognized animal sentience in Europe. We should follow suit because we are less likely to eat animals, colonize wildlife habitats and be exposed to animal pathogens, once we accept animal sentience and agency.
NEWS The Fly on the Wall…

The rise of populism and post-truth is a wake up call to humanity and modernity to: (1) Recognize that knowledge production, journalism (and life) are value-loaded, and thus, inherently political, (2) Rethink the relationship between journalism and activism, (3) Realize it is not politics but sweeping politics under the carpet and unchecked human power that are existential threats to journalism, democracy and peace on planet Earth in the 21st century
NEWS Cambodia: Is Justice Possible After Genocide?

In Cambodia I often heard that the particularity of the Cambodian genocide is the fact that “they killed their own people”. They mean by it that Khmer Rouge killed their ethnic kin, other Khmer.