AGENDA “Armenian Question no wild card”

Speaking at a symposium, Archbishop Aram Ateşyan, Deputy Patriarch of Turkey Armenians said “It is high time to stop the Armenian Question being used across international platforms as a wild card, as the Joker in a card deck”.
WORLD Secret Ankara-Paris correspondence prior to cancellation of denial law

Secret electronic correspondence related to the ‘Genocide Law’ that was cancelled by the Constitutional Council of France after being accepted by the Parliament of France has been published. The correspondence between former AKP Member of Parliament Yaşar Yakış and member of the Constitutional Council of France Hubert Haenel have fanned the flames about the debate over the activities of the Turkish lobby in France.
PRESS Dutch journalist Geerdink released

Frederike Geerdink, the only foreign journalist based in Diyarbakır and known for her comprehensive research and articles on the Kurdish issue, was detained today by an Anti-Terror Squad that raided her home. Geerdink was later released after providing a statement.
MINORITIES Yetvart Danzikyan: Davutoğlu’s “family” dinner

Yetvart Danzikyan on the official dinner Prime Minister Davutoğlu held for religious leaders: “This is, of course, a positive meeting, and the messages that have come out of the dinner are also positive. However, regarding the issue of representation, one must accept that there is something strange about the other side of the dinner table. It is part of the job of the Prime Minister to hold such meetings, but once you describe it as a “family” dinner, we have to ask what kind of family we are talking about here, and about those who have been left out.”
TURKEY “This is a family dinner”

Prime Minister came together with representatives of minority communities at an official dinner held in Istanbul: “Our main watchword will continue to be the principle of equal citizenship”
TURKEY Banned from entering ‘open’ archive

Mehmet Uluışık’s story clearly disproves the official claim that ‘archives in Turkey are open to everyone’. According to Uluışık, who has been banned from entering Turkey because of his research on the Armenian and Circassian Genocides in archives, even if this ban were to be lifted, he still would not be able to carry out research since a letter from MİT, the National Intelligence Organization, prevents his entry into archives.
TURKEY Former TTK Presidents say ‘It wasn’t us’

Following Murat Bardakçı’s claim that dispatch registers kept following the decision of forced displacement in 1915 had been hidden by a Turkish Historical Society (TTK) officer, a response is expected from former high-ranking administrators of the institution.