Vatican Mass to be held in memory of 1915 victims

Confirmation announced that Pope Francis is to conduct mass in person in memory of 1915 Armenian Genocide victims to be held at the Vatican on April 12.

Pope Francis’s program for the next three months has been announced. The Vatican has made public the mass and religious ceremony program of the spiritual leader for the months of February, March and April.

The Pope has recently been in the news with his visits to Strasbourg, Turkey, Sri Lanka and the Philippines in the last three-month period, and He will focus on activities at the Vatican for the next three-month period. According to the program made public by the Vatican, the Pope will appoint 14 new cardinals in February, and will conduct the inauguration ceremonies of the new cardinals.

The Pope will carry out a visit to the city of Napoli, and the historical site of Pompeii nearby in March, and will fulfil Easter rituals in late March and early April.

The Pope’s April program, in addition to the Holy Mass of Easter Day, features a mass to be held with Armenians on April 12. The Vatican’s statement divulged no further details regarding the mass to be held at the Saint Peter’s Basilica on April 12. However, as Agos, according to information we have received from sources close to the Milan Archdiocese, the mass in question will be held in memory of the victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

Pope Francis is known for his public statements on the Armenian Genocide during his term as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires before being elected Pope. The first statement regarding the mass to be held on April 12 at the Vatican had also come from the current Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Mario Poli. Archbishop Poli, during mass at the Armenian Catholic Church on August 17 last year, had declared that Pope Francis would hold mass in 2015 in memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide. However, the Vatican had since retained its silence on the matter. 





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